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About Clash of Echoes

Clash of Echoes is about RPG gaming and related stuff. We love all things RPG, be they Table Top, Board Games, Video Games and even novels and films. We created this blog because we couldn’t find an all encompassing site that covered the news we wanted to read about. Sure there are a few out there that specifically target certain products or games, but we wanted to offer readers a place to visit frequently to find out what is going on around the tinterweb-superhighway-thingy, sharing news and opinions on the hobbies that we love.

Who are we?

We are just like you, gamers and role-players. We have real lives, real jobs and  real friends – some of us even have our own companies.

Jon Creffield – He’s the bearded one
Matt Wilson – He’s the rogue one
Matt Enderrin – He’s the world builder

In the meantime, send us your news at, and we’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions of the stuff we find, curate and create for you.

What’s the name all about?
It resonates with us (get it? echoes? resonates? no? moving on..) because it’s a bringing together or  ‘clash’ of things from across the interwebosphere that we hear about, read about, and find. Our posts here are the  ‘echoes’ of those things. The name actually came about when Matt Wilson was driving through Dubai and saw a minor traffic accident, involving two Toyota Echoes, “Clash of Echoes” was born.. The End. Want a deeper reason? Try Paulo Coelho.